Thin round wax shoelace (2mm)

These round 2 mm waxed shoelaces make excellent replacement laces. These shoelaces are so sturdy they will help extend the life of your shoes. With these new laces, your shoes will have a fresh, clean appearance. You don't need new shoes, just new laces!

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  • 60 cm
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Our 2mm wax round shoelaces are the perfect replacement laces for your shoes. With their sturdy construction, they'll help extend the life of your shoes and give them a fresh, clean appearance. So don't buy new shoes, just new laces! Our waxed shoelaces are available in round 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, flat 3mm and flat 7mm and we offer silver and gold aglets to keep your laces from fraying at the ends.

The Benefits of Wax Shoelaces

If you want shoelaces for your shoes that are durable, strong and come in many shapes and sizes, waxed shoelaces are what you are looking for.

Here are some key features of wax shoelaces:

  • Spend less money buying new laces!
    Wax laces are meant to be more durable and will resist fraying or tearing. The coating makes the laces last much longer than regular, un-waxed laces.
  • Waste less time lacing and tying!
    Waxed shoelaces are much more rigid and form stronger knots, meaning your shoelaces will be less likely to come untied.
  • More control!
    You can control how tight specific areas of your shoes or boots are, as regular cotton shoelaces have more flex.
  • No more soaked laces!
    If you get caught in the rain or stepped in a puddle, waxed shoelaces are much more water-resistant, meaning your shoelaces will get untied less often.
  • Great for sports!
    Wax shoelaces are great for sports, they allow you to tie your shoes as tight as you want. With proper lacing techniques, correct shoes, and the right shoelaces, it will reduce the likelihood of getting blisters
  • Good Looking!
    The wax finish on the shoelaces and the large range of colours will make your shoes pop. More people are choosing wax laces for their shoes because they give a more polished look.

We have an extensive collection of waxed shoelaces, available in round 2mm, round 2.5mm, round 3mm, flat 3mm and flat 7mm.

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How do I pick the right length shoelace?
The best way to choose the right shoelace is to measure your current shoelace and choose accordingly. However, if you do not have access to your shoelace, feel free to use our online shoelace calculator.
I've purchased my items, when would I get them?
We would pick, pack and dispatch the items that you purchase the next business day. Check your emails to find the Australia Post tracking number that you can use to track your order on the Australia Post website.
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