Capsule Lock Round Elastic Shoelaces

Life can be challenging, but your shoelaces shouldn't!

Hit the ground running with our novel capsule lock elastic shoelaces.

With these capsule lock elastic shoelaces, you will never go back to traditional shoelaces again!

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Our stylish stretch IT no tie shoelaces are one of a kind, with a unique lacing system that allows you to convert almost any shoe into a fully adjustable slip-on shoe. The easy-to-use capsule lock technology secures the laces in place and conforms to your feet, providing secure, supported fit and comfort while remaining adjustable.

It's the perfect solution for kids, adults, athletes, the elderly, and anyone else tired of the trouble that comes with standard shoelaces and in need of stress-free shoelaces with a beautiful, clean, finished look.

They consist of two laces (1 pair), 100cm laces which expand to over 125cm, and two capsules, and they work on all types of lace-up shoes. You will never slip or need to tie your shoelaces again.

Benefits of elastic no tie shoelaces

  • Turn nearly any shoe into a slip-on shoes

    Say goodbye to shoes that won't stay tied or shoelaces that get dirty. No tie shoelaces can turn just about any shoe into a comfortable and snug slip-on shoes.

  • Great for anyone with back problems

    Whether you are a senior citizen or just someone with a back problem, you don't have to give up your regular shoes just because it can be a challenge bending over to tie your shoes.

  • Great for kids

    Tying shoes can be a challenge for many kids, but now just about any children's shoe can be slipped on, making life easier for both parents and children.

  • Great for work

    Keep that professional look while adding the comfort that comes with shoes that easily slip on and off.

  • They work with special lacing techniques

    Even if you like to be a bit different in the way you lace your shoes, these laces will work perfectly. So whether you are doing a sawtooth lace on high top Converse or a bar lace on regular Chuck Taylors, these laces will work perfectly.

More Information
Shoelace TypeRound Shoelace, Regular Shoelace, School Shoelace
  • Lace it once, slip on and off every time.
  • Never have to tie your shoes again.
  • These shoelaces keep your feet in a comfortable state, day in, day out.
  • Universal fit: Each lace is 39 inch, and it can stretch up to 50 inches.
  • 2 Capsule Locking system to keep your shoelaces secure.
  • Flat Elastic shoelaces make any shoes look & feel better.
  • Ideal for Sneaker, Casual shoes, canvas shoes or any shoe that has eyelets.
  • Suitable for: Adults, Kids, The Disable, Universal fit, Unisex, or anyone that has a hard time keeping his shoelaces tied (One Size Fits All).
Length (in cm)100 cm
  • Length: 100cm (39 Inches)
  • Width: 8mm
  • Net Weight: 15g
  • Material: Polyester, Rubber Thread and Plastic buckle
  • Colour: Black, White, Pink, Orange, Red, Grey, Brown, Purple, Blue, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Grey.
  • Shape: Flat
  • Suited for shoes up to 5 to 6 eyelet pairs
  • 2 x Capsule Lock

Note: All laces are machine cut, and are approximately the specified length.


1. Lacing up your shoes, adjust to a perfect tension with your foot in the shoe (with socks).

2. Unscrew the capsules into 2 parts, Slip both half capsules onto each end of the elastic shoelaces. 

3. Knot the end of the shoelace so the capsule does not fall off, repeat on the other side

4. Walk around a bit to see if they're too loose or too tight and then trim off the extra laces, screw the capsule lock together.

Package ContentsTwo elastic laces (1 pair) Two capsule locks
Lace StyleRound shoelace
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