Do you constantly have untied shoelaces? Can no-tie shoelaces help you?

16 February 2022

Do you constantly have untied shoelaces? Can no-tie shoelaces help you?

One of the best things that have happened to shoes is the invention of no-tie shoelaces or elastic shoelaces.

No-tie shoelaces replace your regular old-school shoelaces. You lace them up once and it removes the need for you to tie your shoelaces ever again. Then you can simply slip on your shoes when you want your shoes on, and slip out of your shoes when you want your shoes off.

But what are "no tie shoelaces" or "elastic shoelaces"?

No-tie shoelaces and elastic shoelaces are essentially the same things. They are shoelaces designed to replace your regular shoelaces that turn your shoes into comfortable slip-on shoes.

No-tie shoelaces are usually made with stretchy materials such as silicon or rubber and can look like regular shoelaces. They come in many different colours and styles, so it is easy for you to choose a no-tie shoelace for your shoes.

How do I choose the right no-tie shoelace?

There aren't the ‘best’ no-tie shoelaces, so just pick something that you enjoy and that you want to use. There are many different types of no-tie shoelaces, however here are my favourites:

  • For everyday use, my favourite is the silicone no-tie shoelaces. They are the original no-tie shoelace, they are sturdy and great for school shoes and casual shoes. They are easy to clean, and the colour does not fade.
  • For runners, I would recommend the push button no-tie shoelaces, you can either use the provided push-button lock or just tie them up like normal shoelaces.
  • For kids (5 - 12 years old), I found that they love the curly no-tie shoelaces and the knotted no-tie shoelaces. They look very unique and are easy for them to use. Simply slip your feet into your shoes, pull to adjust the tightness and you are ready to go.

How do you install no tie shoelaces on your shoes?

No-tie shoelaces replace your existing shoelaces. They are easy for adults to install on shoes. All products sold have instructions on how to install the shoelaces on the products, and we have in-depth instructions available on our website.

Unleashes Creativity with no tie shoelaces

No tie shoelaces allow you to lace up your shoes in creative ways that traditional shoelaces cannot. You can lace your shoes in different patterns, use multiple no-tie shoelaces on one shoe. No tie shoelaces really allow you to style your shoes.

Advantages of no-tie shoelaces over traditional shoelaces

  1. The biggest benefit of no-tie shoelaces is that you no longer need to tie your shoelaces.
  2. Did you know that your feet size expands and contracts during the day and especially when you're always on your feet? No-tie shoelaces allow your shoes to grow with your feet.
  3. No-tie shoelaces are easy to use
  4. No tie shoelaces are also great for people with special needs, who are unable to tie their shoes.
  5. No-tie shoelaces fit all types of shoes including trainers, sports shoes, and casual shoes
  6. No-tie shoelaces make a great gift for kids and adults
  7. No-tie shoelaces solve the problem of loose laces

Disadvantages to no tie shoelaces

Be careful when purchasing no-tie shoelaces, some no-tie shoelaces do not work for shoes that have hooks that hold the shoelaces. Check the product pages for details.

Have a look at our no-tie shoelaces collection, I hope you enjoy no-tie shoelaces and say goodbye to untied laces!


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