Push button elastic shoelace review

Push button elastic shoelace review
9 February 2021

Push button elastic shoelace review

The push-button elastic shoelace transforms your shoes into slip-on shoes. With these shoelaces, you can dynamically adjust the tightness of shoes on the fly. 

At first glance, the elastic shoelace is made from a solid core and feels well-made, and has a surprising resistance to being stretched.

The plastic components (push-button lock and end cap) have a sturdy and robust feel. The push-button lock is surprisingly strong and requires a few kilos of force to depress the button. 

What’s good about press button elastic shoelace

  • Transform your shoes or sneakers into comfortable slip-on shoes
  • Allows you to adjust the tightness of your shoes on the fly
  • Saves you time, takes seconds to wear your shoes.
  • Suits a wide range of shoes, even with a different type of eyelets
  • Comes in a wide range of colours

Who are these shoelaces suited

  • These shoelaces work for most shoes. However, I recommend them for casual shoes and runners/sports shoes.
  • Great for all ages, installation may be tricky and may require some help with threading the elastic lace into the push-button lock, but once installed, I hardly use the push-button lock, my feet just slide in and out with ease and are comfy.

When I would not use these shoelaces

  • Formal shoes may not match the style of your kicks.
  • Sports shoes that have contact with other objects such as soccer or football shoes, the plastic components get in the way of kicking.
  • Shoes that require long shoelaces such as snowboard boots
  • Shoes used in obstacle courses (e.g. tough mudder), I would recommend waxed shoelaces or polyester shoelaces for these events.


Installing this elastic shoelace is relatively straightforward, you lace your shoelace the way you want it, thread the shoelace ends through the push-button lock, cut the ends and fasten with the end cap.

Here are some extra tips when installing:

  • When lacing the shoelace onto your shoes, install the push lock, but make sure you take your shoes out for a spin, have a walk before cutting the shoelace and installing the end caps.
  • If you find that your shoelace is too short, change your lacing style from criss-cross to bar style lacing. You want to secure the end cap under the first lace to hold it from moving.
  • Make sure the push-lock button is facing outwards.
  • Make sure you fully push the end cap onto the lace, you may lose the end cap if you don’t secure it correctly.


These push-lock elastic shoelaces are an excellent choice to turn your shoes into slip-on shoes. They fit a wide variety of eyelets, making them suitable for a large variety of shoes. You can use the elastic shoelace without the push-button locks, just tie them like regular shoelaces and your shoes will become comfy slip-on shoes.

Overall the push-lock elastic shoelaces suit many different shoes, and they come in an extensive range of colours. The only downside (and my personal opinion) is that it isn’t stylish, and I would not use it for formal or casual shoes.

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