Capsule lock elastic shoelace review

Capsule lock elastic shoelace review
17 May 2021

Capsule lock elastic shoelace review

Capsule elastic shoelace is a unique no-tie shoelace that transforms your sneakers into comfortable slip-on shoes. It comes in a wide range of colours, patterns and different capsule colours. They are easy to install, you can check out our capsule lock elastic shoelace installation guide.

My initial impressions were that the elastic shoelace feels strong and sturdy, and the metal capsule is made with very solid metal.

What’s great about this capsule lock no-tie shoelace?

  • Transforms your sneakers into comfortable slides in shoes.
  • Saves you time, takes seconds to wear your shoes
  • Suitable wide range of shoes, even with different types of shoe eyelets.
  • Comes in a wide range of colours, styles and capsule colours.

Who should be using these shoelaces?

I would recommend these shoelaces for everyone and can be used for all situations. They are great for:

  • Young kids who have trouble tying their shoes.
  • Young adults who want to wear comfortable shoes without the hassles of tying them up.
  • Seniors or the elder who find it difficult to tie their shoes, due to back problems or arthritis in their fingers.
  • People with injuries love no tie shoelaces which makes it easier for them to wear proper shoes. 
  • People with disabilities who are unable to tie their shoes

When I would not use the capsule lock elastic shoelaces

  • Formal shoes may not match the style of your kicks.
  • Sports shoes that have contact with other objects such as soccer or football shoes, the metal components may get in the way of kicking.
  • Shoes that require long shoelaces such as snowboard boots
  • Shoes used in obstacle courses (e.g. tough mudder), I would recommend waxed shoelace or polyester shoelaces for these events.

Final thoughts

These capsule elastic shoelaces are a great choice to turn your shoes into slip-on shoes whilst styling your shoes. They fit a wide variety of eyelets, making them suitable for a large variety of shoes. You can use the elastic shoelace without the capsule locks, just tie them like regular shoelaces and your shoes will become comfy slip-on shoes.

Overall the capsule elastic shoelaces suit many different shoes, and they come in an extensive range of colours, styles and capsule colours. The only downside to this shoelace is it doesn’t suit formal or casual shoes.

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